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PvP free mode


You can set the game rules as you like and compete with users.
The chairperson can bet a prize on the match, and it is also possible to just 'watch the game' as a referee.
Available. Create your own competition!


PVP Ranking Mode


Through matching with Treasure Hunter mobile core content  with other users  Compete!
  - One-on-one battles where character development and specifications are important
  - with teamwork  4:4 battle where character combination is important
When you destroy the opponent's tower, you win!
You can get it!

[Check game position (role group)]



Guild Wars

Create a guild with like-minded people.
Guild Wars held for one hour every night from 9:00 to 10:00
You can challenge.

Guild Wars are held in various areas of the map.
  Upon successful attack by entering as a party
Score points. (Only guild members can form a party)

When the battle time is over, the guild with the highest score is settled.
You will win and you will receive generous rewards for each ranking.
Crystals (cash goods) also
It can be obtained, which is a great help in gameplay!



story mode


An exciting story is constantly updated!
Recommended for users who play while watching the story.
Story mode requires 'alternative energy' to enter.

Episodes that have been cleared once can only be rewarded immediately through 'subjugation'.
If you clear all episodes, you will receive an additional 'Chapter Reward'.




Highly recommended for those who enjoy idle games and automatic hunting!
Dungeon difficulty and time can be set for hunting, and the higher the difficulty, the more time you run.
The rewards that can be obtained are improved.
Manual hunting is also supported through the 'Options' setting. Users who still lack the specifications or feel the taste
Play the dungeon with manual hunting.
In story mode or dungeon, the monster of the monster card you wear is summoned to help you hunt.

  *Future party hunting dungeon (Raid)  update  Expected



​daily mission

Once a day, try the daily mission 'Investigation of Unidentified Area' through Dr. Robben!
Feel the exhilaration of breaking down obstacles!

The higher the stage, the better the rewards!
Depending on the stage level cleared, the stage that starts in the next challenge will change.
(Some of the lower level stages are skipped)



defense mode


Among the first large-scale updates in preparation, the core content 'Defense Mode (Tower Defense)' 

It is content that blocks enemies from coming by using friendly monsters and various towers.
Details will be announced later. You can look forward to it!


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