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UI Description

Collection Book

The titles, monster cards, and items (equipment) you obtained can be found in the collection book. Bonus effects can be achieved when wearing titles or monster cards collected in the collection book. The grades are normal, magic, rare, unique, and legendary. Get a variety of titles, monster cards, and items through the adventure.



Most titles are permanently wearable, but some titles are only available for a certain period of time. If you select the title you want to use and touch it on/off, it will be worn or released. Touch the collection effect view to see the effect applied by the title currently worn. You can only wear one title at a time.


Monster Card

You can get a valuable monster card from the Parallel Dimension. If you use it, it will automatically collected in your collection book. You can find about it when you touch it. You cannot view information about unregistered monster cards. Monster cards already registered cannot be used. 

Get a new monster card through the item combination.


If you select the monster card and touch 'Equip/Unequip', it will be equipped or unequipped. When you equip it, you can obtain the corresponding effect. Only one monster card can be equipped. You can check the equipped monster card in the character information on the main menu. You can get the collection effect if it is registered in the collection book without wearing it. More monster cards, more effects you gain!


You can check the gears you got from the Parallel Dimension. Even if you do not have a gear now, but have had it before, you can find it in the collection book. Touch the gear to view the gear information.


Find the treasure from the Parallel Dimension and complete the collection book!

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