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UI Description

Item Combination

What is an item combination?

You can use 3 items to get an item. Collect and combine items to get rare items.

If you refer to the combination list, you can see the required materials.


Auto Registration

You can specify the grade and automatically register items to the slot. Items in the tab selected by the hunter will be registered with priority. (If you touch Auto Registration in the Equipment tab, equipment items are registered first.) The grades that can be set for automatic registration are Normal, Magic, and Rare, and only manual registration is possible for higher grades. This is to protect Hunter's valuable items.

If you use the sort function when registering items manually, you can combine items more conveniently.

Manual registration

Touch and hold the item you want to combine and drag it into the slot. Please enter the number of items. If you quickly tap the item to be combined twice, one item is registered. To unregister, simply double-tap the slot you want to release.



If you register items that can be combined, you can combine them and view probability information. Combination results may result in great success, unexpected results, or failures.

Combination at Once

A function to combine at once has been added. After touching Combine at once, select the item level you want to combine at once, and then touch Start Combination to combine items of that level at once.

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