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UI Description

Daily Mission
(Unidentified Area Investigation)

What is an Unidentified Area?

There are still many places in Parallel Dimension that need to be investigated. You can try the unidentified area once a day, so please pack your gear and potions before leaving. If you defeat obstacles or monsters within the time limit, you can go to the next floor. The more floors you clear, the more treasures you can get from the Parallel Dimension. A boss appears every 5 floors, and if you defeat the boss, you can skip the previous floors and start with the last cleared boss floor when investigating the unidentified area the next day.

*The maximum skippable floor is 20 floors.


How to enter the unidentified area

Unidentified areas can be entered through NPC, Dr. Robern.

We ask for the sincere investigation of the Hunters.

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