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Tower Defense (Defense Mode)

Enjoy 'Tower Defense' contents using the collected monster cards and towers
Stages with interesting missions and challenge maps for ranking is ready for you. 
You can also attack other users' camps with your own combinations.

1. Manage Formation (Settings)
Through 'Setting', you can set presets for your defense and attack.
You must register 'Defense camp' once to enjoy all contents.

You can save your own presets in Preset 1 and Preset 2 in advance.
You can also set it manually before the battle begins. Watch out for a time limit!
Touch 'Load Formation' to find out your current saved defensive camp formation.


2. Cost

'Cost' is consumed to install a unit (monster) or tower. The required cost differs depending on the unit and tower.
The maximum cost you can use to install/summon is 100 and the cost cannot be exceeded.
There is a quantity limit for each unit and tower.

3. Compatibility according to types

There are a total of 3 Types: Rock, Scissors and Paper. You can receive an additional 20% or -20% damage.

4. Grid Editing Mode
You can remove a deployed units/towers in Grid Editing Mode.

5. Tower
In the Tower tab, you can upgrade your own tower or purchase a new tower.
You need commodity to upgrade the tower. The higher you upgrade your tower, the higher the probability of failure.

If you fail, all commodity will be destroyed.
It may fail. In case of failure, all goods are destroyed.
You can also register a tower in a shortcut slot.

6. Unit
You can upgrade your units (monsters) in the Unit tab.
You need the same monster card to upgrade a unit.
Units can also be registered in shortcut slot.

7. Buffs
You can register your buffs in the shortcut slot or purchase new ones.


 1) Mission
You will be rewarded by clearing mission stages on the map.
When entering the mission stage, 'Parallel Dimension Energy' will be consumed.

If you do not have a sufficient energy, you can not enter.
There are two types of mission : Attack and Defense.

In 'Attack' mission, you need to destroy the opponent's 'castle'. You cannot place towers but only units.
In 'Defense' mission, deploy towers and units to prevent incoming enemies.

2) Challenge Map
The challenge map is content that you can continue to challenge, and you can also receive rewards by being recorded in the ranking according to your records.
It is a content that competes with other users for the record, and the difficulty becomes more and more difficult as the WAVE passes. 

3) User Battle
This is PVP content that attacks the 'defense camp' of other users. When you win, you can receive various rewards.
You can also acquire PVP points and 'Victory Token'.


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