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UI Description

Enhancement System

What is Mana Injection and Enhancement?

You can strengthen equipment items through NPC, Dr. Robern.

Before attempting enhancement, you must first successfully inject mana and you must have all the necessary materials and gold. If the enhancement fails, you must re-succeed in mana injection to be able to strengthen it.


How to enter:

In the main menu, touch 'Move' and move to Dr. Robern's lab to upgrade equipment.

Mana Injection method

  1. After selecting an item, press 'Enhance' to move to the Mana Injection window.

  2. Check the materials required for mana injection.

  3. Please note that once you start mana injection, you cannot cancel it.

  4. Attempt to inject mana by pressing the start button.

*Mana injection succeeds at 100% until level 1~3. From level 4 and after, mana injection succeeds at 70% chance.


  1. If the mana injection is successful, you will be moved to the Enhancement window.

  2. Check the materials and gold required for enhancement.

  3. In case of cancellation, all materials used for mana injection will be lost.

  4. Touch the Enhancement Start button to try enhancement.

* Enhancement is 100% successful up to Reinforcement 1-3, but may fail after Reinforcement 4 or later.

* If you fail, your soul energy will be reduced.

* Items without soul energy can no longer be enhanced.

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