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UI Description


How to use the Inventory

  1. Equip/Unequip : After selecting the equipment, touch ;Equip/Unequip' to equip or unequip the corresponding equipment.

  2. Sell : Select the item you want to sell and touch 'Sell' to sell the selected item.

  3. Select All : Select all items in the corresponding tab.

  4. Sort : You can sort items by grade or type.

  5. + : Consumes crystals to expand the tab inventory space.


Register/Unregister Potions

You can set the potions to be used in battle in the Consumables tab. Press and hold the potion for about 3 seconds, then drag and drop it into the desired slot to use it in battle. To release a registered potion, quickly double-tap the SLOT you want to release.


Collect New Cards

If you touch 'Collect New Cards', monster cards that are not collected in the collection book will be collected in batches.

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