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PVP AI Mayhem

You can enjoy auto-play in AI Mayhem.

The Monster Card you have equipped is summoned to help you.

(The summoned monster's level is -15 of your character's level.)

Portion and Manual play are not allowed.

You need to pay 1 Victory Token and 500 gold to enter AI Mayhem. 



Time Limit is 10 min and you are given with 3 lives. The Hunter who kills three lives first wins. You can enjoy auto combat match. Winner takes Gold, PVP points, Victory Tokens and EXP. If the opponent AI wins, gold will be delivered to the opponent via mail. Therefore, you need to be well equipped with skills and equipment before logout. It will increase the chance of winning and gain gold.

Victory Reward

  • Gold 700 

  • +1 PVP Point  

  • 2 Victory Tokens

  • EXP 1500


Loss Compensation

  • EXP 500


Victory Reward for Opponent via mail

  • Gold 300

  • 1 Victory Tokens

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