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You can freely compete with other hunters in PVP Free Mode!

The competition can be held in 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, and 4:4. Free mode includes Normal Mode, Death Match, Berserker Mode, Fair Mode, Random Skill, Haste Mode, and Random Mode, which can be set when creating a room. All mods can put towers, and if you do include a tower, the team that destroys the tower first wins. You can duel in various maps. All modes except Death Match give you 3 lives.


​Mode Setting

Normal Mode

Basic mode and item equip effect are reflected 100%.

Death Match

Same as basic mode, but does not respawn upon death.

30% of the item's equip effect is reflected.

Berserker Mode

Same as basic mode, but if you kill an opponent, your attack increases by 1. (Increases up to 15.) 30% of the item's equip effect is reflected.

Fair Mode

Stats from items and collections are not applied.

Random Skill

You start with one of Hunter's class skills. (This includes unlearned skills.) You learn a different random skill every 30 seconds. 30% of the item's equip effect is reflected.

Acceleration Mode

Basic mode but the basic movement speed of all hunters is increased by 30%. 30% of the item's equip effect is reflected.

Random Mode

One of the above 6 modes is randomly selected and started.



If there is a tower, the hunter can win by destroying the opponent's tower first while protecting his own. Your tower will heal you, but your opponent's tower will attack, so be careful.


Monster Room (exists only in rooms with towers)

You can go to the monster room through two portals. Defeating a monster in the Attack Room increases Attack by 2~4, and defeating a monster in the Defense room increases Defense by 1~2. Look out! If you keep killing monsters, boss monsters may appear.


Map Setting

You can select the map. If you select a random map, the map is randomly assigned.


​Other Settings

Host Setting

Host can participate in battles or watch the combat. If the host participates in the battle, host will be included in the room capacity.


Product Setting

Host is able to give prizes to the winning team. Host can register items by dragging them from the inventory. Host can register up to 5 types of products.

Room Entry

After selecting the desired room and entering, you will be directed to the room.

Once you enter the room, you can see the room information in the upper right corner. It is divided into three groups: Team A, Team B, and participants. Participants are on standby, just touch the arrow on the side of the team you want to go to. Touch 'READY' when ready for battle. When all team members are in the READY state, the leader can start the battle by touching START.

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