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UI Description



There are 4 available skills you can use in the Parallel Dimension depending on your job. You can learn a new skill when you reach level 15/30/55/70. You can choose one of two skills. You can develop various characters by changing the skill tree. You can learn a hidden skill by using the Hidden Skill Book, which can be found very rarely in the Parallel Dimension.

If you touch a skill, you can see the description and skill effect.

*You can reset learned skill using Skill Reset Ticket.


   1. Learn skills

   You can learn the skill by touching the desired skill and then touching the 'Learn Skill'.

   2. Skill level up

   You can use skill points to level up your skill level. As you level up the skill, the skill effect increases.

   * Skill points can be obtained by leveling up.

   3. Skill Placement

   If you touch the 'Place Skill', you can place the skill in the lower right corner, and you can use it in battle. Press '1' or '2' to change the panel.

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