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​Treasure Hunter Mobile | story and worldview

Another dimension of the world... 

Dr. Robern was convinced that there was a different world than the one we live in, the Parallel Dimension. 
By developing Travelers-Device, it is finally able to move freely between the the Parallel Dimension and the present world.

He has gathered people from all over the world to investigate the Parallel Dimension and many people decide to become 'Treasure Hunter' to achieve their goals.

The story of the Treasure Hunter began here.
But surprisingly, treasure hunters find people who were investigating the Parallel Dimension before themselves...

To find a great secret in the Parallel Dimension, new treasure hunters are gathering to Dr. Robern.


Yesterday was an Office Worker. 
Today is a Knight.

Avoid Boredom and Become an Archer.

The Story of a Crew Who Became a Wizard.

Beyond the limits of Doctor and Became a Priest. 

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