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UI Description


1:1 Trade

In Treasure Hunter, you can trade with hunters. For 1:1 trade, you can invite a friend to My Home or ask for a trade with a guild member at the Guild Safehouse. In My Home, you can find 1:1 transactions by touching 'Manage My Home'.

1:1 trading is possible from level 30, and if you leveled up in My Home using EXP potions, you must restart to update your information before trading is possible.

Press and hold the item you want to trade and drag it to the slot. If the quantity is more than one, enter the number you want to trade. Once you touch the 'Trade Complete', it will be in the waiting state and you cannot add new items. After you touch 'Trade Complete', you cannot change it and you must cancel the transaction if you do not want to do so.

Please note that some items will be changed to Bounded(non-exchangeable) items after trading, such as Monster Card.
Some items have soul energy, and in the case of items with soul energy, soul energy will be deducted by -1 when exchanging.
If there is no more soul energy left, you cannot trade.

*Items with even one soul energy deducted cannot be used in item combinations.

*Bounded items can only be combined with bounded items, and tradable items can only be combined with tradable items

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